New Players

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The game elders recommend that you add your skill points to energy until you reach a level 70. Every time you level up, you are given 5 points that you can apply to your stats. 

***Tip One: Collect blood from public chest (You do not have to have clan for this option). Make this a priority. You will need all the blood you can get to buy minions. Only buy the required ability per mission requirement until you have a decent blood income. 

  ***Tip Two: Once you can add clan, use public chest and discussion to tap on a player's avatar icon. This will take you to their vampire profile, and you will see the option to "Send Invite." You can also go to their stats in the center of their profile page, as shown in the photo below. Tap on Clan. This will show a pop-up window that provides a list of that player's clan members. You can select from there and send invites for the clan.   



***Tip Three : Check your income and upkeep . Select Castle.

Then stats, the look under Blood Flow   you can tap on Income and it will show you your minions by how many you have and the total amount they are paying out. You can also tap on Upkeep. This shows the amount of blood require to support each of your abilities. 

Flow Rate: Is your income minus your upkeep cost. In the image displayed the user collects 27,824 blood per hour.

Your Character Type: Determines which stats will fill quicker.  Primeval fills energy faster.

Select Castle. This pop-up shows.

These are shortcuts to the following: Blab Feed (where you can vote, message, and assist clan with wing help.  Vampire Chest: This is  a shortcut to the Public Vampire Chest. 

Under Elders : Zollux Trader

The items required for trading for  abilities change. You can also use 5 Jewels to force the items to change.  

Level abilities:

 Select Stats, then Abilities. Not all abilities have the same level in upgrades. Buy 1 first and then level it (it is cheaper blood rate)  .  * For abilities that clan can gift, you must level that ability up to level 12 before your clan member can gift it to you.



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