Game Members

We are here for you Vampire Dynasty Members

Each new decade your fight stats and arena stats reset and you start over again. 

We are here to promote and brag about this game we have grown to love over the years.

We have come into contact with people all over the world that share similar interest in play a vampire game.

Clan with us today and start growing your dynasty.

Our history

Over three years ago the game Vampire Dynasty began. The Mortal Legends are the original players of the game. We have grown with the game and enjoy the changes as it progresses.

 Chest were not part of the original game. Quest were also not part of the original game. Over the last two years the game has advanced and expanded in many ways. New missions, New Boss fights, and new portals.

Use Trader to trade for items to items and/or abilites. Check it often as the abilities and required item amounts change often.      

VD Leader

Top Vampire:

Do you have what it takes to become the top vampire in the Vampire Dynasty?


There are many ways to strengthing your vampire. Add clan, add to attack and defense by adding points. Wings, clothing, and abilities are also items that make your vampire stronger. 

Collect Blood:

Essential need: Blood. We cannot express that enough. Blood is need to support your abilites. You must hire minions in order to produce blood to cover your hourly upkeep.

Blood is also a requirement for hit listing other players. 

Rare Abilities:

Check the shop often. Rare abilities are offered for sale and change quite often.

Elders and Boss:

Boss fights are another way to collect rare abilities. Elder Marcus is a way you can trade items for abilities.Special portals also offer abilities upon complettion.



Vampire Dynasty Trophies  

In game trophies

View the different trophies available. 

Current Decade

We are currently in Decade #9

Upcoming Portal: Narcissistic Canon

Decade awards

Most Recent

  • Bloody Irish Girl VD Leader
  • Hell Girl Assassin Leader
  • Letale Letizia Bounty Leader
  • Bloody Irish Girl Arena Leader
  • Bloody Irish Girl Level Leader

2nd Place

  • Scarlett Bites 2nd VD Leader
  • Bastet 2nd Assassin Leader
  • Flesh Ripper 2nd Arena Leader
  • Schrill 2nd Bounty Leader
  • I Am Legend 2nd Level Leader