Coming soon..... Mission Items 

***Abduction Mission ... is one of the new mission sets. The mission will not open for players until they reach level 1500.  Ability & Item requirements will be updated later. 

Some players have asked for the information on abilities that are needed for the Abduction Mission due to their  level the mission has not yet unlocked. To be fair to all, all mission sets should be shared as there are many levels that have not reached their requirements either. Due to the mass amount of information that is needed, this infromation will be only posted in our forums.

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Coffee, Friends, & Vampires

Mix & Match Vamps is a Facebook Group for members who wish to conenct through Facebook.

Update Coming Soon

New Portal Opening

The new portal, Narcissistic Canon opens in one day.  

Use Elder Zollux and select items. The Three-Eyed Ravens are the items that are needed for this mission. 

Good luck!  Check out out forums.Once any members have completed the portal, we will share the amount of energy and items that were used to complete the portal. We will also update what items are awarded upon completion.      

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If you feel that another player is cheating or harassing you please contact the game support team. They are available through their Facebook page messenger or email support.

You can access the game TOS by selecting the little wheel icon top right corner in the game.  


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Check often as the avatar shop changes. New familiars, clothing, other items, backgrounds are offered in the avatar shop 

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