Forum rules

The basic principles

The 3 Basic Principles listed below define who we are as a group of serious, but relaxed,

If any of the three basic principles are not acceptable to you, please do not submit your information, as you will not be able to join us at this time. You may use the contact us page to submit your comments or tell us your concerns that prevent you from accepting this membership. We would like to hear from you and understand more.

Our principles:

  • Friendly - You do not have to belittle others simply because you do not get along.
  • Respectful - Refer to the vampire player character and not them personally.          
  • Professional - We expect all members to act accordingly. It is a fighting game against other characters in the game.

You will be removed from Vampire Dynasty Forums for breaking the laws of our community, or letting your moral self degrade.

Vampire Dynasty Members  Forums code of conduct

  • No bashing of others. Joking around with people you are close to is a different thing - but still should be limited. Once again, bash or act hatefully towards others here and you will get suspended. Do it repeatedly, and you will be banned.
  • Absolutely no impersonating of other members or staff is allowed, on the forums or in person. This is very serious. One strike and you're out. This includes using someone's forum account or sharing yours with others. Each account is assigned to one person. Please know that your spouses are very welcome to have their own account with the same level of permissions as yours. We encourage you to get them active, too.
  • Respect the opinions of others, and do not downgrade someone‚Äôs opinion simply because you don't agree with them. Conduct yourself in a mature and respectful fashion. Treat everyone here with respect, no matter what.
  • Vulgar language, profanity, or sexual innuendo is not an acceptable form of forum communication. This is not a dating site or a bar or anything like that. Any and all images or other content posted becomes the property of the Vampire Dynasty Members forums.
  • Any member who publicly slanders in the forums in  an attempt to cause harm to the integrity or credibility of it, and/or those who run and manage the  forums, will be immediately terminated, no questions asked.
  • Your actions are your actions and you are solely responsible for them.